In 2014 Samsung Brazil entered a new segment: Wash and Dry Machines. The challenge was to launch it with a 15 times smaller budget than the leading competitor. Samsung's main feature is the ecobubble technology, which transforms soap into foam before it comes into contact with clothes, and it provides a much less aggressive wash and takes much better care of clothes. The brief was to launch Samsung ecobubble, positioning it as a wash and dry machine that really takes care of the clothes.
Instead of talking about features on TV - like competitors did - the strategy was to focus on Youtube, Facebook, and magazines. So, we decided to go emotional to create a bond with the audience. We did a branded content short film telling the stories of three real couples and the concept "Samsung Wash and Dry ecobubble. Besides you, the only one who truly loves your clothes". This film had 37M views on yt+fb. By the end of that year, Samsung Wash and Dry ecobubble became the second-best-selling washing machine in its segment.
Some clothes are much more than just clothes. Take care of them.
Samsung Wash and Dry ecobubble. Besides you, the only one who truly loves your clothes.

Watch the branded content making of (only in Portuguese).

Cheil Brazil
Creative Director Fred Sartorello
Art Director João Gabriel Gragnani
Copywriter Rubens Marinelli
Production House Hungry Man
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