LAFilm is an institute fully dedicated to cinema and audiovisual arts: An independent production company, a school of acting and directing, a film school, and an MBA in cinema. Also, it has produced eleven feature films and over 100 short films, with recognition in the largest film festivals in the world. The classes are very well-attended by small groups and have a high theoretical and practical level. Our brief was to position LAFilm as a high-quality film institute that understands cinema and independent filmmaking and to show that their courses were open for enrollment.
We created an offline campaign focused on film and art magazines, billboards near the institute, film and art schools, production companies, and cult cinema theaters in Sao Paulo. The campaign consisted of three ads comparing films with similar names but with different budgets, relevance to cinema history, and team size. And it was signed with the concept, "For many reasons, we prefer small crews."
Cheil Brazil
Creative Director Fred Sartorello
Art Directors João Gabriel Gragnani and Thiago Fernandes
Copywriter Rubens Marinelli​​​​​​​
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