Dafeira is a Brazilian independent musician with a repertoire that ranges from maracatu to MPB. He likes to bring social criticism and autobiographical love into his lyrics. 'Jardim das Memórias' is one of those lyrics, and it tells the story of the comings and goings of the love of his life.
In an attempt to make art imitate life (and inspired by Boyhood), we decided to shoot the music video with a time spacing so that the actors could physically change, and we could convey on screen the longevity of this relationship. It took a little longer than we expected: 6 years, from 2014 to 2019. By the time of the video's release, Dafeira's main social network was Instagram, the igTV had just been launched and the algorithm was privileging posts using this new tool. So, we decided to release the clip in vertical format, which proved an effective strategy. The artist saw his followers multiply by ten, and the song became an instant hit on Instagram.
Director João Gabriel Gragnani
Assistant Directors Tati Xavier, Yggor Oliveira, Leticia Machado, Julia Conatti and Isabel Hani
Screenplay Ana Sarin, Mij Acsanner, Dafeira and João Gabriel Gragnani
Production Area 51 Films
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