Due to a massive blackout in Brazil, five ordinary stories got intersected. Employees of a startup get stuck in it and must find a way to work without electricity to keep their jobs. For this, they also need the help of an electronic music band to develop a new hit. Elsewhere, a couple tries to use this moment to save a failed relationship. A digital influencer faces herself completely disconnected and gets confronted by her biggest fear: loneliness. Meanwhile, a nurse tries to save a patient who depends on electronic devices to survive. The darkness will help them to find new paths.
"Às Escuras" is a low-budget independent feature film that was produced as a conclusion of an MBA in Film Production and got selected for some festivals in Brazil and received the awards for Best Film and Best Editing at the Jaraguá do Sul Film Festival.
I am the story's author, one of the screenwriters, and one of the film directors.​​​​​​​
Às escuras (In the dark)
Scriptwritters Alexandre Moitinho, Anthônio Alvez, João Gabriel Gragnani and Kamilla França Lemos
Author João Gabriel Gragnani
Film Directors João Gabriel Gragnani and Paula Witchert
Producers Alexandre Moitinho, Anthônio Alvez, Leandro Freire and Vitória Mantovani
Art Director Kamilla França Lemos
Directors of Photography Gabriel Monteiro and Guilherme Conradi
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