Bebel, Tatiana, and Duda are roommates and actresses passionate about cinema who dream of stardom. Tired of waiting for their chance, the three gather all their resources to put on a play they wrote together to be presented in a small theater in São Paulo. But they have all their plans thwarted when all funding for the project gets canceled, and they find themselves unemployed, with no other source of income, and in piles of debt. With their dream and apartment in jeopardy, the actresses find a solution in the movies and, like their favorite characters, risk everything to make the play come true.
I sign the executive production and art direction of this film. As it was an independent film with a low budget, I also needed to produce all the art for the film: I drew on boards, painted canvases, created sculptures, made a special blood effect, printed fake money, built a safe, produced the scenario of a play, and I designed all the materials that appear on the film. The most interesting part of this process was forgetting about the colors and focusing only on the nuances, tones, textures, and contrasts of black and white to build the look of the film.
Production Companies Estúdio Manic and Área 51 Films
Staring Maria Paula Lima, Luiza Valio, Eva Bensiman, Dionísio Neto and Guilherme Gomes
Written and Directed by Alexandre Setembro
Art Director João Gabriel Gragnani
Executive Producers João Gabriel Gragnani, Eva Bensiman and Deborah Zapata​​​​​​​
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