Since the 7x1 against Germany in 2014, there has been a big break between the Brazilian fans and the national squad. In 2021 Kwai became a sponsor of the Brazilian football female and male squads. And as its marketing strategy, Kwai took on the responsibility of helping the Brazilian fans reconnect with the national team.
So a branded content strategy for CBF and Kwai came about: ‘Seleção de estrelas - Stars Squad’ the first Kwai Originals. A documentary series of 21 short episodes telling each Brazilian player's life story. Narrated by themselves, friends, and family, the episodes show their life trajectories, difficulties, and triumphs in a very intimate way. It achieved more than 130 million views, increasing the ‘Seleção Brasileira’ followers to 6 million and making Kwai the most downloaded app in Brazil.​​​​​​​
Kwai + CBF
Production Company Side360
Directed by Miguel Varca
Art Director João Gabriel Gragnani
Motion Designer Daniel Gabbay
Producer Lúcio Goldfarb
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