Lizzie, a prostitute, witnesses the brutal murder of a black man by the nephew of a senator. She soon finds herself the target of the senator's son who tries to get her to testify that it was the black man's fault. But Lizzie is an outsider, just like all the black men in the story.
This is a play by Jean-Paul Sartre from 1946. So, we decided to adapt it with minor adjustments: our play took place in Brazil instead of the US; instead of the train, we used the subway; and, instead of 1946, the year was 2016. Those were the only changes needed. This made it clear that in 70 years nothing had changed and proved the urgency of debating the story's themes. Also, to evidence these themes, we've combined the play with some projections of photos and news of events happening in Brazil and the world at that time.
The play ran on Saturdays and Sundays for six weeks, with all sessions sold out. The last performance was so complete that 30 people had to watch the play sitting on the floor.
Director João Gabriel Gragnani
Art Director João Gabriel Gragnani
​​​​​​​Assistant Director Carolina Guimarães
Presenting Gabriela Castello, Guilherme Gomes, Gustavo Thompson, Felipe Rua and René Caetano
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